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Bộ đề thi giữa học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2021 – 2022

Bộ đề thi giữa học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2021 – 2022 là tài liệu vô cùng hữu ích mà hôm nay Văn mẫu Việt Nam muốn giới thiệu đến quý thầy cô cùng các bạn học sinh tham khảo.

Đề kiểm tra giữa học kì 2 lớp 12 môn Anh gồm 2 đề kiểm tra, nhằm đánh giá chất lượng học tập môn tiếng Anh của học sinh khối 12, đồng thời giúp các em ôn luyện chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi tốt nghiệp THPT Quốc gia sắp tới. Vậy sau đây là nội dung chi tiết đề thi, mời các bạn cùng theo dõi tại đây.

Đề 1 – Đề kiểm tra giữa học kì 2 môn tiếng Anh

TRƯỜNG THPT ………………..



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NĂM HỌC 2021-2022


Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút

I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

1: A. habitat B. applicant C. active D. cyber-attack
2: A. align B. prioritize C. survive D. bibliography
3: A. resurrect B. survive C. specialise D. advise

II. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others.

4: A. exterminate B. compassionate C. automated D. articulate
5: A. academic B. artificial C. conservation D. vulnerable

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

6: Some African countries are __________ for the population decline as it is illegal to sport hunt
elephant in these regions.

A. aware

B. inattentive

C. responsible

D. harmful

7: We should educate people from the young age about the importance of wild animals in maintaining the _________ and biodiversity.

A. ecosystem

B. species

C. neighbourhood

D. ecotourism

8: We have a responsibility to protect our nation’s wildlife, birds, fish and plants on the ________ of extinction.

A. bottom

B. border

C. side

D. brink

9: AI isn’t writing complicated articles, but it has no problem with very simple articles that don’t _____ a lot of synthesis.

A. request

B. ask

C. take

D. require

10: We need to make sure robots that might work in factories and homes are clever enough not to _______ kill or harm humans.

A. deliberately

B. accidentally

C. reluctantly

D. responsibly

11: The highest calling of a true leader is others to reach the highest of their abilities.

A. asking

B. inspiring

C. tolerating

D. offering

12: If your prior bosses or professors are willing to provide a positive _________, ask them for a letter of recommendation.

A. idea

B. feeling

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C. reference

D. assessment

13: By the end of next year, George ________ English for ten years.

A. will have leaned

B. will learn

C. has learned

D. would leran

14: The ________north we go, the _________we are to meet high temperatures.

A. far – less likely

B. farther – likely

C. farther – less likely

D. farthest – less likely

15: I asked my sister to tell me what she _________ at the museum.

A. had seen

B. has seen

C. had been seeing

D. was seeing

IV. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the
following passage.

Every ten minutes, one kind of animal, plant, or insect dies (16)________ for ever. If nothing is done about it, one million species that are alive today will have become (17)________ twenty years from now.

The seas are in (18) ________ . They are being filled with poison: industrial and nuclear (19)________ , chemical fertilizers and pesticides, sewage. The Mediterranean is already nearly dead: the North Sea is following. If nothing is done about it, one day soon nothing will be able to live in the seas.

The tropical rain forests, which are the (20)________ of half the earth’s living things (including many rare animals and plants), are being destroyed. If nothing is done about it, they will have disappeared in twenty years. The (21) ________ on the world’s climate – and on our agriculture and food supplies – will be disastrous.

Fortunately, somebody is trying to do something about it. In 1961, the World Wildlife Fund was (22) ________ – a small group of people who wanted to raise money to save animals and plants from extinction.

Today, the World Wildlife Fund is a large international organization. It has raised over $35 million for conservation projects, and has created or given (23) ________ to National Parks in five continents. It has helped 30 mammals and birds – including the tiger – to (24)________ . Perhaps this is not much, but it is a start. If more people give more money – and if more governments wake up to what is happening – perhaps the World Wildlife Fund will be able to help us to avoid the disaster that (25)________ the natural world, and all of us will be with it.

16: A. off B. on C. out D. over
17: A. extinguish B. distinct C. invalid D. extinct
18: A. danger B. despair C. death D. debt
19: A. essence B. mixture C. rubbish D. waste
20: A. home B. house C. origin D. container
21: A. result B. motivation C. effect D. impression
22: A. founded B. funded C. found D. fixed
23: A. defence B. support C. rescue D. preservation
24: A. continue B. prolong C. endure D. survive
25: A. suffers B. occurs C. pollutes D. threatens

V. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

The Power of Crowdsourcing

There is a famous old saying that when trying to solve a problem “two heads are better than one”. Yet until recently, businesses would often rely on one key person to get important tasks done. But thanks to a phenomenon called crowdsourcing, more and more companies are allowing their consumers to have their say when designing new products.

The term “crowdsourcing” refers to the process of outsourcing jobs which were once done by a
single person to a large group (or a crowd) of people. In the past, crowdsourcing wasn’t practical, as it was impossible to gather thousands of like-minded people together to share opinions. Now, thanks to the Internet, online forums, and social media, this isn’t a difficult task at all.

There are many important applications for crowdsourcing in business. For example, if a small
business was looking to develop a business logo, it might employ a single designer and hope for the best. However, with crowdsourcing, companies can specify some guidelines about their project, set a budget, and start a design contest online. Within hours, it will likely receive hundreds of designers sending them logos.

In the end, they can choose the design they like best and the winner will get compensated.
Crowdsourcing has other applications as well. A website called Duolingo is using crowdsourcing to translate documents into different languages. It offers free lessons to language learners. As part of their tests, users translate lines to test their knowledge. Then, a computer programme will analyze thousands of test results for consistency and arrange an accurate translation.

Not everyone is sold on crowdsourcing, though. In many cases, it may be better to rely on the
opinion of a few specialized professionals than information from a crowd. For instance, it makes more sense to trust the opinion of one top doctor than to take the advice of 1,000 random people regarding a health issue. Another criticism is the low wage that crowdworkers usually receive. Since crowdworkers are freelancers and not employees, they can be paid less than minimum wage. Whether you love or hate crowdsourcing, it appears to be here to stay. So before you make any financial judgements, consider following the crowd and give crowdsourcing a try.

26: The old saying “two heads are better than one” in paragraph 1 means that __________.

A. two people can work more carefully than one person working alone

B. two heads are more expensive than one

C. two people can achieve more than one person working alone

D. two heads are paid better than one

27: One of the advantages of using crowdsourcing is __________.

A. we can get the best answer to our solution with the unbelievably small budget

B. within a relatively short period of time, we can get so many answers to a single problem

C. the company no longer hire employees to solve problems

D. hospitals can practically apply the method of crowdsourcing in consulting patients

28: Which of the following is NOT a good situation to use crowdsourcing?

A. A company needs to get ideas for a new sneaker.

B. A business is looking to understand why people like its products.

C. A student is looking for ideas on where to stay on holiday.

D. A person needs to understand a law for an important court case.

29: According to the passage, why didn’t businesses use crowdsourcing in the past?

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A. It was too hard to collect and check lots of people’s ideas.

B. People weren’t as smart as they are today.

C. It was usually illegal in most countries to do this.

D. No one had ever thought of the idea of crowdsourcing before.

30: Which of the following sentences is true?

A. Everyone agrees that crowdsourcing is a great idea.

B. Crowdsourcing is now a fast way to get logos made.

C. It seems that crowdsourcing will become less popular in the future.

D. People who work as crowdworkers don’t earn large salaries.

VI. Complete the conversation about the career of a pilot, using the responses (A – G) given. There are two extra ones.

A. Becoming a pilot is more than just attending the flight training.

B. Upon landing, a pilot analyzes their flight performance and looks for ways to improve on the next flight.

C. They are determined that only in frequent flying and training one can achieve experience and
improvement in skills and performance.

D. While on flight, they make sure to check performance parameters to ensure the safety for a flight.

E. They do not waste time by hesitating but know exactly what steps are necessary to take.

F. The most important quanlity is that they know how to respect others, flight regulations, flight procedures and processes of a flight.

G. To become a successful pilot, one needs flight training and recurrent training to increase confidence on skills in taking flights.

Nam: Have you decided your future career yet, Nick?

Nick: I’d like to be a pilot.

Nam: Really? It’s a very interesting job. You’re athlectic, and your health is very good. What training courses does a pilot need?

Nick: (31) ________________________.

Nam: What are the necessasry skills during the flight?

Nick: (32) _________________________.

Nam: I think it’s very stressful. But when they are on the ground, they feel relaxed.

Nick: It’s not true all the time. (33) ______________________.

Nam: Pilots have to make decisions during the flight. How should they do the job well?

Nick: My uncle told me about it as he is a pilot. A good pilot knows how and when to make decisions. (34) ___________.

Nam: And what are the necessary qualities for a good pilot?

Nick: (35)___________ .

Nam: It ensures a good flight, doesn’t it?

VII. Report the sentences, using the verbs in brackets.

36: “You are late for work,” said Mr. Davies to Mark. (accuse)

37: “I’ll get someone else to fill in your position, Mark” said Mr. Davies. (threaten)


38: “ I overslept,” said Mark. (admit)

39: “You should get more sleep, Mark” said Mr. Davies. (advise)


40: “ I can work late,” said Mark. (offer)


Đáp án đề thi giữa kì 1 môn Anh lớp 12

1 – B 2 – D 3 – B 4 – B 5 – D
6 – C 7 – A 8 – D 9 – D 10 – B
11 – B 12 – C 13 – A 14 – C 15 – A
16 – C 17 – D 18 – A 19 – D 20 – A
21 – C 22 – A 23 – B 24 – D 25 – D
26 – C 27 – B 28 – D 29 – A 30 – D
31 – A 32 – D 33 – B 34 – E 35 – F

36. Mr. Davies accused Mark of being late for work.

37. Mr. Daives threatened to get someone else to fill in Mark’s position.

38. Mark admitted oversleeping.

39. Mr. Davies advised Mark to get (on getting) more sleep.

40. Mark offered to work late.

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